Shenzhen Men’s Hat Tournament 2016

Registration open on Oct 11. at 9pm.




This is the 1st Shenzhen Men’s hat. We are always thinking about how to make the tournament more fun. This time we are cooperating with LongGong culture office for an outdoor sports festival in order to introduce the Frisbee to the public. And during the break time between the games, the players can look around at the other event and enjoy some activities. The festival will have a Marathon, street dance, water gun fight... there is also a concert in the night that we can go to,  to dance the night away after the tournament finishes!
Let's have a great time together and show the town how awesome ultimate is!



赛事信息 / Tournament Details: 

全女子赛:2016年12月10日                 All women's hat:Dec 10, 2016 
全男子赛:2016年12月11日                 All men's hat:Dec 11, 2016 
地点:深圳龙岗大运中心体育馆           Where:Longgang District Universiade Field, Shenzhen
派对主题:神奇宝贝                           Party Theme:Pokemon
最大参与人数:男女各 96人                 Max number of Players:96 each

What you get for your registration fee: real grass field, jersey, frisbee, fruit, drink, breakfast, lunch, insurance, Saturday party and souvenirs. 

缴费日期 /
 Payment deadline:
早鸟价格/ 11月7日前付款: 170元 (200港币)  Early Bird before Nov 7: RMB170 (HKD200) 
一般价格/ 11月7日后付款: 200 元(235港币)  Normal price: RMB200 (HKD235)                 

先到先得: 本次比赛采用先报先得的方式,报名前96名选手请于2016年10月31日前进行缴费,否则我们将陆续开放位于等待名单中的人进行缴费,位于等待名单中的选手收到我们邮件通知后,有2天的时间进行缴费,最先缴费的96人即为报名成功的参赛选手。 
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: Players need to pay before the 31 of Oct. If a player hasn't paid before that, we'll give the spot to the players that are on the waiting list. Those players will have 2 days to wire the money. We'll contact players on the waiting list from top to bottom every 2 days until we get 96 players who have wired the money.    

缴费方式Payment Options:
1. 支付宝帐号/Alipay:
2. 银行汇款-中国/Wire Transfer-China:  
开户名(Accout Name): 邱健
开户行(Opening Bank): 深圳南油支行
银行账号(Bank Account): 6212-2640-0003-9699-745

** 在您缴交费用后,请将支付水单连同您的hattournament 登记名称及WeChat ID, 手机号码回覆給
** You Must e-mail   with your registration name, Wechat ID, phone number, and screenshot. And please also reply Full name, Gender, Chinese ID or Passport number for the Insurance use.

Refund Statement: Considered in advance expenses for preparing, for players who has already paid, you can apply refund before Nov 20. After Nov 20, we can only refund 50% of your entry fee, please note that. But we will send you the souvenir  after the tournament. 

赛事咨询 / 
微信:Jan Q.(jan-ultimate) 或 阿聪(Vince11Ultimate)

If you have any question please contact with us: 
Public Wechat:shenzhenfeipan
Wechat:Jan Q.(jan-ultimate) or 阿聪(Vince11Ultimate)

SZFDA reserve all the right of final explanation

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. JJ.Chen (JJ .Chan) M
2. Ben (Yuan Yang) M
3. sunny (Sunny Chan) M
4. Pete (Leon Chow) M
5. Jan Q (JAN QIU) M
6. YY (洋 于) M
7. Pele (派大 陈) M
8. Lewis (Lewis Qiu) M
9. Victor (Victor Lau) M
10. James (Haoyan Chen) M
11. suki (suki 27) M
12. Jun (Jun Zhong) M
13. Jackie (Jackie Chan) M
14. Vincent (Vincent Yu) M
15. Docky (Docky J Liang) M
16. paul (Paul luo) M
17. baby (baby Tan) M
18. Gene Sin (gene sin) M
19. Joe (炎龙 陶) M
20. mumu (mu mu) M
21. JJ (John Johnson) M
22. Loewe (LEI YANG) M
23. Jin (先锦 黄) M
24. Noah (马 荣) M
25. daniel (ji cai) M
26. Eddie Pau (Eddie Pau) M
27. jonathan (Jonathan L) M
28. xiaoxiang (Xiao Xiang) M
29. Ethan (钟东帆 Ethan) M
30. Vince/陈聪 (聪 陈) M
31. AP (志遠ap 倪) M
32. Andy (Andy Zhou) M
33. Eddie (Eddie Zhu) M
34. Matt (Matthew Lee) M
35. will shoemaker (will shoemaker) M
36. Pork Buns (David Learn) M
37. Ungar (Matthew Ungar) M
38. Devin 🌟 (Devin Licastro) M
39. James (James Inman) M
40. Roldy (Roldy Lo) M
41. sal'ad (adrien sirieys) M
42. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
43. Jeff (一荣 谢) M
44. David (代光永 戴) M
46. Fang Hua Feng (Ben Bastion) M
47. Sam (Samuel Tilley) M
48. Chenmengmeng (猛 陈) M
49. 🌟 Redbaron 🌟 (David Zhou) M
50. BrO'Malley (Patrick OMalley) M
51. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
52. Edwin (Edwin Shao) M
53. BrO'Malley (Patrick O'Malley) M
54. Steve Man (Steven Man) M
55. Max (Max Utoplov) M
56. John (John Jansen) M